Recent Finds

Many of the things we learn about the Watch Tower Society and its history might seem random, unconnected with any specific subject that is discussed elsewhere on this site.

For example:

  • Why did Russell ask to be dressed in a Roman toga just hours before he died?
  • Why did the Watch Tower Society publish a book that they claimed was from a spirit medium about a fallen angel which they assumed was the real story of a fallen angel from Noah’s time who wanted to get back into Jehovah’s favor?
  • Why did Rutherford say that the Holy Spirit was no longer working with either himself or the Watch Tower Society?
  • Why did Rutherford send a letter to Hitler telling him that they were working toward the same goals?
  • Why did Frederick W Franz go to the sauna every Wednesday for several years surrounded by naked and semi-naked Bethelites?
  • etc., etc, etc. . . .

Many Jehovah’s Witnesses already know the answers to these specific questions, yet, there are probably hundreds more like them. Other Witnesses will not even believe the questions, much less the answers.

Many such topics come up from time to time on various websites, blogs, discussion boards, podcasts, and various other forms of social media. Now and then we will re-publish such items here. Most will have nothing to do with the 1914 doctrine. Still, one of the purposes of this site is to look back on the history of the Watch Tower organization. For those who might not see such items collected elsewhere, we expect that they will help to create a more complete perspective for those who are interested in the Watch Tower’s history.

Watch this space . . .


Miscellaneous finds . . .



3 thoughts on “Recent Finds”

  1. I think you are an unprincipled mudslinger. What Russell did the day before his death is nobody’s business. He might have been out of his mind from the breakdown of his body. As far as I know, Freddie used to go to the sauna because he liked saunas. My roommate used to go because he was a sycophant. I KNOW that that was his motive. I was always too tired to go, I was not a sycophant, and I don’t like to go anywhere I will see half-naked people. But as far as I know, the Bethelites who went to the sauna on Wednesday night dressed like other Americans who went to saunas.

    1. Good point on Russell’s state of mind. That’s also my own take on it. But the question is not posed to denigrate Russell. The point was to try to evaluate why Menta Sturgeon and others were so quick to defend it as something meaningful. The question is whether they were correct in their assumptions, or, just as likely, you are correct about his state of mind.

      With respect to the Wednesday night sauna, I went once, but only once. It was as if all of the 15 or so Bethelites were sycophants, at least the ones who asked questions. Some were silent but the look on their faces was as if they were meeting a demigod. Perhaps more like a Greek painting of Socrates and his disciples. Franz’ haughty style of pontificating showed that he knew very well what pleased the sycophants. Franz came from a different era where naked and semi-naked persons still showered and steam-roomed and sauna’d together. This was the way it was when I took gym in Junior High school and High School (US) and it was the same in the Brooklyn factory buildings for those who worked in the pressroom and bindery.

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