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Alan Feuerbacher

For many years now, Alan Feuerbacher has produced valuable work, comments, and research concerning the Watchtower Society and their publications. To raise more awareness of this content, which exists all over the Internet in various places, we have received Alan’s permission to post it here. Much of it discusses the Watchtower’s theories about chronology and prophecy, but much of it also concerns the Watchtower’s use and misuse of information about archaeology, and various scientific topics. The inclusion of Feuerbacher’s writings and research is not an endorsement of all of his views, nor does it indicate that we (at AD1914) have any ownership of this content, which is usually still available on other blogs and forums.

The following content is from on . Initially we will only include content regarding doctrines without including his research on science, evolution, etc. Click the word “here” in each link below to remain on

We will also obtain permission to include a few other items from other contributors at .