The Kingdom

Watch Tower View

The Watch Tower’s explanation of the “Kingdom of God” or the “Kingdom of Heaven” refers, generally, to the idea that Jehovah God has all things under his control at all times and that he has often presented himself in special displays of his power. These events can explain why at certain times the Bible uses an expression like “This day, Jehovah has become King.” He has actually been “King” from the beginning and forever into the future.

The Kingdom by Jesus Christ, or through Jesus Christ is seen as a special time in the outworking of God’s Kingdom when Jesus “turns his attention toward the earth” in the year 1914, and casts Satan out of heaven (Rev 12, Dan 12). At about that time he selects a group of people on earth to be his representatives. This is the start of the earthly visible organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Problems with the Watch Tower’s View

The Bible uses expressions referring to “God’s Kingdom” and “Christ’s Kingdom” in several different ways. We would refer a reader to a Bible concordance, or Bible dictionary, or Bible encyclopedia if one is looking for a more detailed coverage of the question.

Here however we refer especially to the “problems” with the Watchtower’s view. There are many. We will deal primarily with the difficulties and contradictions and even the dishonesty that has been necessary for the Watch Tower publications to continue to promote the theory that the Kingdom began in 1914.

Start with the following articles in this section:

Several more may be added to the list in the near future. [As articles are added, they will be announced on our Twitter and Facebook feeds which you can follow.]

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