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This site adds new items regularly, and this sometimes results in a re-organization of the menu structures. So, you might have difficulty locating a page that you thought was in a specific place. We might have moved it, edited it with a new title or new picture, or possibly removed it altogether.

The ones that are asked about the most are ones that were once featured on the front page or which had spent some time near the top of the “Recent Posts” list.  If you are looking for a page or post that was once featured on front page or somewhere else on the site, you may be able to find it through the search tool. (The magnifying glass icon up at the top right area of the page.)

Also, note that the menu does not contain all the pages. A few of the pages that were previously featured can be found by navigating through the menu options, from the Home Screen icon ⌂ in the top menu and instead of clicking on it, just let the mouse “hover” over it and move the mouse down over the menu options that pop up until you can “hover” over the menu item named “Previously Highlighted.” At that point you might see the following items, plus a few others as we add them:

rightsize-celeb20141914-2014: Celebrating the End of an Error!

Barbaras_photo-head-shot_5Initial Site Announcement – Barbara Anderson (October 1, 2014)

(Editor: Barbara was very helpful in providing ideas for the site, obtaining some of the initial contributed articles, and helped tremendously in getting the word out about the new site. Thanks Barbara!)

Veil-MailAn Open Email to the Governing Body (parody)

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