WT History

This is a long and complicated subject. Most of the articles will be related to the historical background of various doctrines. Most of these issues have already been dealt with by excellent researchers. Therefore much of this section will be referring to the work of others, and where we can, we will provide excerpts, quotations and synopses. At the very least we will point to some of these resources.


One interesting piece that we will attempt to maintain in this section is an ongoing look at what happened 100 years ago. Although we begin this as a project in 2015, and will therefore refer to 1915 events, we will also try to back-fill a bit and also try to include some of the ones that would have been included had we done this from the beginning of 1914 to 2014.


Every now and then, we would like to see a reference that shows us when certain books were released at the convention, or what the calendar looked like one year, or what the year text was, or when the Watch Tower changed a certain policy or doctrine, or the history of the GB. So we’ve added a few of them here. On subjects where we haven’t had an opportunity to complete our own version, we have used Wikipedia or information gathered from other sites.


This section will include miscellaneous items of interest. Since we’ll often be searching around and just run across something that we’d like to post here, we needed a section for such things. Readers should feel free to add their own ideas to the comments area below, if you see something we could use here.

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