Matthew 24

This section will include a full discussion of Matthew 24. Maybe a full inclusion of Mt24, Luke 21, Mark 13, Luke 19, Rev 6,  in the opening. NWT is OK. The chapter outline from a couple different perspectives. Don’t know if should be Comparison with layout in Mark and Luke. (note that only Mt uses parousia) What we get from Mark and Luke that we don’t get in Mt.   [For 1914, the menu options seemed to work out so that we’d have 5 options in each major doctrine menu. Don’t know if this actually works out that way.

  • An outline overview of the menu options in the section (top menu)
  • An overview of the teaching
  • An overview of the non-JW side
  • An overview of the JW defense
  • Additional Resources

This may not work out very well, or it might work out better here than for 1914, which is too broad and includes this. I’d say that for now we try them with subs, but try not to keep too many subs, and maybe forget additional resources on some of these.

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