The Watch Tower’s Creation of 1914

Doug Mason has contributed another article. Actually, in this case it’s more of a presentation. And it’s 33 pages!

This one is perfect for those who wish to present the basic points of the 1914 “creation” to someone who needs a review of the basic points. Those of us who have had the doctrine repeated to us hundreds of times from several different angles, we sometimes forget a basic fact. It’s the basic fact that most JWs don’t accept 1914 because it’s simple; they accept it because they don’t understand it.

All those different perspectives on 1914: from Daniel 4 to the 70 years, to the “day for a year principle” to Nebuchadnezzar somehow representing Jehovah’s kings at Jerusalem, to the full desolation of Judea, etc. Yes, all these different angles only serve to confuse a lot of Witnesses, and they are won over through sheer bluster. By the time they have heard it often enough they pick up on some of the rationale, but it’s too late for them to see through it.

Yet, if they saw the whole thing presented at once, without feeling the weight of supposed complexity, a large audience of JWs might be able to just see through it.

We think this presentation helps, because it presents all the supposedly salient points in one sitting, only diverting from the presentation just long enough to show that there are several weak links to the Watch Tower’s arguments, but not spending so much time arguing against each weakness that we get sidetracked or bogged down.

So have a look! Enjoy!

Click to access the_watch_tower_s_creation_of_1914_ce.pdf


One thought on “The Watch Tower’s Creation of 1914”

  1. Thank you for your endorsement of my presentation “The Watch Tower’s Creation of 1914”. I was inspired to write it by a comment made to me by a person who said that his daughter could not understand the subject. Not only did I have her in mind, but I also wanted to emulate, even if ever so slightly, the typical environment of people her age. When I travel in the train or sit in the doctor’s surgery, everyone is staring intently at the screen in their hands, usually a smart phone. On top of that, I think the internet has created an environment where most people do not sit and think deeply, but rather they hop around from place to place. The simplification of the Watchtower is testimony to the simplicity of their market place. My idea was to provide an umbrella helicopter view without distractors, linking to parts of my written Studies.

    Having said all that, however, my next Study will be a mind twister, hopefully simplified a little with pictures. We almost need to write an interactive comic book but I have no skills with drawing characters or with animation.


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