Speculation: Choices about Marriage and Children

Jehovah’s Witnesses are not known for making choices related to marriage and children based on chronological speculation. This is, in my opinion, something that is very good.

But it was’t always that way. And this is brought up because speculation can rise up from surprising places. Those who spend a lot more time than recommended with Witnesses online, will know that there was an uncomfortable level of speculation when the article came out about Noah and the 120 years. A comparison was made between the the 90 years we were (at the time) into this generation since 1914 and the 120 years. At that time, we …


There had been some speculation over this quote about the work that would be completed in this generation.


The new definition of the generation can put off some speculation for a few years, enough so choices about marriage and children are not.


The speculation about the end sometime between this Memorial on 4/14/14 and the next Memorial was fueled by the article here.


What’s gone is the kind of speculation we see here… (talk from F W Franz on the first few days of Gilead Talk.)


What’s also gone is the kind of speculation that became rather explicit here…

Link to Rutherford on Children, Rutherford on Marriage

But there are choices that JWs make continuously about career, education, employment opportunities,

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