Current 1914 References

The 1914 teaching is laid out very simply in the recent Watch Tower publication: “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” That presentation is included in its entirety exactly as it appears on the website. If you prefer reading from the website the direct link is here: 

This is a general article on the subject, but it covers the basic idea very well. In many cases this site offers Watch Tower material and a side-by-side rebuttal. However, since this short article serves as a standalone presentation of the 1914 doctrine, we reproduce it on its own. A separate rebuttal is available on a separate page, found here. 

We will not attempt to cover entire additional Watch Tower publications (usually, Watchtower articles) except where they add specific material not covered in the general discussion found above. In this way we hope to avoid repeating the same material in many places.

The October and November 2014 issues of The Watchtower contain two parts to an imaginary dialogue between Cameron (JW) and Jon (person interested in the doctrine). Although that particular set of articles does not cover new material, it deserves attention similar to the general article mentioned above. (What Does The Bible Really Teach?) We will provide some commentary on the dialogue.

In addition, there have been several other articles that deal with more specific subject matter related to the teaching, such as the Kingdom, the Faithful and Discreet Slave, the 607 BCE date, etc. And of course there have been separate articles and publications that deal with the other chronology-related prophecies and interpretations, such as those dealing with fulfillment of prophecy in 1919.

Over time, we hope to cover all the currently accepted points that are relevant in the defense of the 1914 doctrine.


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