Chronology Support For Other WT Teachings

It isn’t always immediately obvious, but the Watchtower has made clear that chronology has shaped how certain teachings have come to be explained. These are not teachings that directly rely upon a chronological framework, but the relationship becomes clear after viewing the WT references.

Note, initially how the WT has clarified the method of :understanding how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in our day…. get quote about seeing how prophecy works out by watching it, not predicted in advance. But note how similar this is to how teachings have come to be understood “in the outworking of time throughout this generation” or with little time left, the answer must be in the current events, etc. ” (Don’t have these quotes available, but there was something that doesn’t take much of a stretch here and there.

So it might surprise some JWs that the following teachings are related to chronology:

The 144,000 and the Great Crowd

The Other Sheep and the Little FLock

The Casting Out of Satan and his Demons

The Appearance of the Antichrist?

The Identification of the even ts of 1919 in every prophetic book of the Hebrew Scriptures. – note that with 1925 around the corner, the 1919 events were already seen in these prophecies as early as ….

The Identification of the Beast with the United Nations

The identification of Babylon with all religion. Withou

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