JWINSIDER #005: ALL aspects of 1914 doctrine are now problematic from a Scriptural point of view

This site now has permission to reprint various postings and articles from JWFacts, JWStudies, JWInsider, and several others. We are still working on getting more content from more posters, bloggers, and site creators, and are especially looking for JWs who have taken up the same studies about chronology that we focus on here.

JWINSIDER #005 on 1914: From posts in the topic ALL aspects of 1914 doctrine are now problematic from a Scriptural point of view.

The original context is found here:  https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/topic/39516-all-aspects-of-1914-doctrine-are-now-problematic-from-a-scriptural-point-of-view/

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I think the content of the verse in Micah about having a “waiting attitude” is good, but the context might seem a bit harsh in that the verse applies to waiting on Jehovah when it’s an enemy we are up against. I don’t think of the Governing Body as an enemy here, and I don’t think you do either.

In fact, the only issue I see is that a long-standing tradition made sense for many years, but has turned out to cause more problems than it solved at this point. Still, I don’t think it is even that big of a problem when it comes to the day-to-day life of an average Witness.

After all, whether 1914 is a necessary doctrine or not:

  • We still know that we are living in the time of the end, or the “last days” even if that phrase had the same meaning to Christians in the first century.
  • We still know that Satan has been cast down and walks about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour someone, because his time is short. This is also true even if it had the same meaning in the first century. We also wait for his final abyss and subsequent final demise.
  • We still have a preaching work that is just as important as ever.
  • Jesus is still “King of Kings” and ruler of those who rule the earth.
  • The kingdom is still our focus, and continues to be the theme of our hopes and prayers.
  • We still know that we must overcome critical times, hard to deal with, just as Paul warned Timothy that he would meet up with.
  • We still know that Jesus is present, wherever even two or three are gathered in his name.
  • We know that Jesus will be with us right up until the conclusion of the system of things.
  • We don’t live for a date, or serve for a date anyway, so whether or not the end comes in our lifetime or we find out about it after a moment of “sleep” in death, the important thing is still our love for God and neighbor, and “what sort of persons we ought to be.”

So probably the only thing that we might consider to be different is the idea that the Gentile kings had their day and the times of these nations and their kings ended 103 years ago. This, ironically, is the only prediction that we ever said we got right about 1914 in the first place. So it might end up requiring a bit of humility, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of humility, either.


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