Hey Wanna See Something Really Scary?

Just watch the minute of highlights by clicking on the video below. You can’t miss the themes.

Here’s the first theme. It’s Stephen Lett (Governing Body) addressing young and old alike.

“The Governing Body has approved this station on a trial basis initially in the English language only. Based on the response from viewers and your support of this new arrangement it is hoped that other languages will enjoy the same in the future.”

“It is evident that JW Broadcasting has Jehovah’s blessing. Those involved in preparing the studio the equipment and the content all said that they could feel Jehovah’s hand directing every step, every decision every day. ..”

“…Sensing Jehovah’s direction on this endeavor…”

“This just emphasizes the fact that when Jehovah wants something done, there is nothing that can stop him.”

 “Some of the materials and all of the work on this studio were donated, which we very much appreciate. Still as you can see there was a significant outlay of funds to complete the project.”

And now, the theme as Stephen Lett addresses young ones, specifically.

“Young ones, you are loved by Jehovah and his organization. Young ones, you are loved by Jehovah and his organization[repetition theirs]

“As evidence of Jehovah’s love, some may immediately think of the animated series of videos, “Become Jehovah’s Friend,” featuring  Caleb and Sophia… and that has indeed been evidence of Jehovah’s and the Governing Body’s love for little children.”

(Yes, they actually used that last line, even in a video that brought Ted Jaracz back out of the archives.)

And then the conclusion, where the theme is explained outright — in 30 seconds (Click on the video below.):

“It is hoped that the visual images of Jehovah’s people enjoying a variety of activities will reinforce every young one’s determination to stay solid in the truth. You young ones are dearly loved by Jehovah and his organization.

“We look forward to using you more and more in Jehovah’s organization as you grow to Christian maturity.”

The CONCLUSION of the matter, everything having been SEEN

Of course, some will draw the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with these themes.  The theme of donations makes this come across as a televangelist’s plea, but we’ll say no more about that for now.

It’s true, there’s a lot more emphasis on “Governing Body” than we’ve seen before, but the emphasis on “organization” has always been there.

Yet, TV.jw.org is focused on something which is, by definition, more visual and visible. But there are two themes at once here to create a catalyst,  combined in a way that will resonate with younger children like it has never done before.  And it’s this:  With the repeated idea of “Jehovah’s hand guiding every step and every decision, every day” and the constant linking of “Jehovah and his organization” we have an overarching theme of putting FAITH in what is VISIBLE.

This idea is surely the antithesis of the type of Christian faith where the Bible says ‘we walk by faith, not by sight.’ But that rarely bothers Witnesses who have always been known for their focus on visible numbers of preachers, reportable hours, number of attendees, number of magazines and books.

Of course, one could always question whether this interpretation is an overreach, but Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t question the idea of putting faith in a visible organization, even when it is spelled out for them explicitly!

Note the March 1, 1979 Watchtower:

*** w79 3/1 p. 14 par. 10 Faith in Jehovah’s Victorious Organization ***
“It identified the new visible theocratic organization…So Jehovah’s visible organization came off victorious once again to his vindication. For dedicated, baptized persons to share in that victory, what did it take? Faith in Jehovah’s theocratic organization. “

Of course, it’s scary that Jehovah’s Witnesses might not notice that it’s scary. But there were a few seconds right there in the middle of this first monthly video with images like the following (don’t click it, it’s just a screen capture):


And the narration at that point: “…We need to get her into surgery right away. And we need to prepare for a blood transfusion….”

Be afraid! Be very afraid!


5 thoughts on “Hey Wanna See Something Really Scary?”

  1. In line with one of this video’s repeated ideas that Jehovah’s hand directly guides every step the Organization makes, I thought I’d share a similar quote from the video “137th Gilead Graduation Program” shown on the same site. At the conclusion of his talk (a talk in which he emphasized humility when being given further privileges and responsibility in the Org.), Anthony Morris III said:

    “The more responsibility I’ve received in the earthly part of God’s organization over the years, the less authority I realize I have. And you don’t get more responsibility than being a member of the Governing Body but I – and the rest of us feel the same way, because we *know* who the real authority is. Christ Jesus is in charge on Wednesdays and our Committee meeting days. Really, Jehovah’s in charge. So keep that in mind. You get more responsibility? Remember the authority lies in Christ Jesus and Jehovah God. When you get direction from the ‘faithful and discreet slave,’ just think God helped me to do and implement this decision. And we just entreat you, may your hearts remain humble and may you enjoy life forever.”

    Sure, the dividing line between God’s authority and that of the very human and fallible GB was *always* non-existent as far as how the rank and file JW was to treat anything the GB published, but AMIII underlines it once again: ‘When you get direction from us, just think that God Himself is directing you.’

  2. If you hate them so much, why make a website to show your hatred? You are wasting your time, and should devote your attention to something else.

    1. Please don’t misunderstand the purpose of the site. It represents the feelings of a lot of different people, many of whom feel cheated, after realizing that the Watch Tower Society had been dishonest with them about 1914 and related doctrines. But I don’t feel any hatred toward JWs. Technically, I am just a fairly inactive JW myself. I worked on the website because I love all those related to me in the faith. My parents and family and relatives are mostly Jehovah’s Witnesses even going back several generations. Having been raised a Witness, I am convinced that it is OK to draw attention to truth and honesty even if people are opposed. That’s how I was raised, and I see good reasons to continue standing up for what is right and true. If that hurts the feelings of others, I am sorry for that, but in the long run, I think truth should always come to light and win out in the end. Don’t you?

      1. Hi! I have to congratulate you on a very nice website. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if many Jw writers of Jw.org are secretly reading your articles for research… I am still a Witness and don’t know what to do. I have doubts about certain doctrines, 1914, blood transfusions, shunning “apoststes” etc. I got the feeling that maybe it’s possible to keep being a witness but changing my personal view on certain things. An elder told me a couple of days ago, when I asked him if they would force me to do things I don’t want to, under the threat of disfellowshipment “God gave us free will and we as elders cannot take that away from the sheep. At least that’s how we try to operate in this local congregation. However, we are human and behave clumsily at times.”. A very humble servant of God, that dude, regardless of the faults of the org as a whole. I accept what’s firmly based on the Bible, but everything else should only be presented and looked upon as theories. But I’ll see for sometime what the future brings and how the org changes. It seems to be in the direction of a more liberal attitude. At least I hope so… sorry for a long comment… thanks for an awesome website…
        Greetings from Sweden

      2. Thank you for your generous comments. There are many excellent sites that help JWs research some of the controversial doctrines that cause concern. This is only an attempt to put some of that great research from several sites into a single site — but for primarily one subject area: chronology doctrines. We also hoped to show that so-called “apostates” are just persons from a wide variety of backgrounds who often have an interesting story to tell about their life, and how they came to change their beliefs.

        Personally I don’t think anyone should try to tell JWs whether to remain inside the organization or ‘get out of her’ when these concerns arise. Some will be forced out before they are ready, and some will stay without any pressure. Some will decide to leave on their own. Some of those who leave will try to help others get out, and most will just move on with their lives in a quiet and peaceful way. None of these responses are right or wrong. It’s best when the decision is personal and not forced upon you, although some who find peace outside the organization are often very happy that the decision was forced on them, because they think they might not continued on in an uncomfortable and stressful situation if no one had given them that “push.” It seems to me that you have the right attitude in that you can see that there are good people both inside and outside the organization. Most people everywhere are just looking to do the right thing in whatever circumstances they find themselves. Hope all goes well with you.

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